12 Ways to Stay Connected in a Long-Distance Relationship

Relationships are a vital part of the human experience. They provide us with love, support, and companionship. However, relationships can also be challenging, especially when they are long-distance. Long-distance relationships are relationships where partners live in different places. They can be challenging because of the physical distance between partners, but they can also be rewarding.

Here are some tips for surviving a long-distance relationship:

Pick Up the Phone

“It’s important in a long-distance relationship to stay connected,” said Patel. Talking on the phone and using FaceTime is the best way to do that because a lot can be misunderstood through text messages. It might be tempting to rely on texting throughout your busy day, but it’s essential not to fall into that habit. Take the time to have meaningful conversations where you can hear each other’s voices or see each other’s faces.

Talk in the Morning and at Night

“Having check-ins in the morning and evening is really important,” said Patel. “It helps you feel connected at the start and end of your day. Even though you’re not physically together, you still feel like you’re part of each other’s days.”

In a long-distance relationship, mornings and nights can be when you feel the most lonely because that’s when you’d usually be together. “A lot of emotions can come up during the day, so having these check-ins provides emotional support,” said Patel. “This emotional support also demonstrates the strength of the relationship.”

Meet in Person Regularly

“It’s important to visit each other as much as you can,” said Patel. “I understand that distance can make it challenging, but it’s crucial.” She suggests aiming to meet in person at least once every three months. If possible, seeing each other once a month is even better.

Always Have Your Next Outing Planned

Always have a clear plan for when you’ll meet in person again. Knowing the exact date of your next meeting gives you both something to look forward to. It helps during tough times because you’ll know how long until you see each other again.

Visit One Another in the Places Where You Live

In a long-distance relationship, you might want to plan fun trips to meet up or choose a middle ground between your homes. However, it’s crucial to visit each other’s actual living places as well. Patel advises this because it helps you better understand each other’s daily lives and routines.

Ask About Each Other’s Feelings

“Express your care and willingness to be there,” advised Patel. Ask questions like: “How can I help you? What do you need from me right now? How are you feeling?” These questions encourage the person feeling distant to open up and share their true thoughts and feelings. For the one asking, it shows care and provides clarity on how to rebuild connection and love.

Be Prepared to Schedule Emergency Visits

“If one partner feels disconnected or lonely, it’s crucial to plan a visit to be together,” Patel recommended. “If someone feels disconnected, it’s time to meet as soon as possible.”

Surprise One Another With Gifts

“When you can’t be together in person, it’s important to express your thoughtfulness in creative ways,” Patel suggested. “For example, if you know she likes flowers, have flowers sent to her. If you know he’s not feeling well, have food delivered to him as if you were there taking care of him.”

Get Romantic Over Facetime

Set aside time as a couple for romance, even if it’s through video calls, advised Patel. You can use FaceTime to get intimate and maintain that attraction between both of you.

If Something Feels Off, Talk About It

If something has changed in the relationship, it’s crucial to talk and see if you’re still on the same page. “Have an honest conversation about whether it’s time to end the relationship. Ask what’s different and if there’s someone else involved if you suspect it. Trust your gut feelings.”

Prioritize Each Other

Long-distance relationships require effort, and both partners need to make an effort and prioritize each other. “It’s no longer worth it when one person stops choosing the other,” said Patel. “If someone begins to distance themselves, avoids making plans, or withdraws, it’s crucial to have a conversation about it. Both people should feel like they are a top priority and are making each other feel valued in ways that make them happy.”


“It’s also essential for both people in the relationship to think about what they truly need and what makes them happy when certain words, experiences, or actions happen,” she explained. In simpler terms, it means you should understand yourself well enough to communicate to your partner what’s important to you and what you need to make the relationship successful. You can’t expect your happiness to solely depend on your partner without telling them what’s important to you.


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