10 Easy Tips for Talking to Guys Without Feeling Awkward

Have a crush on a guy and want to talk to him? It’s normal to feel nervous and shy, but we can help. If you’re eager to start a conversation and win him over, we’ve got you covered with secrets and tricks!

Many women find it tricky to talk to a guy they like, especially when breaking the ice. Having an interesting conversation is a skill that helps you connect with him and learn more about each other. Good conversations go beyond words; they can create the chemistry you’re looking for and improve your communication. Keep reading for some wise tips you can use in this situation. Get ready to start a conversation with any guy you like.

Smile More Often

A friendly smile can do wonders when you want to make a good impression. Don’t forget to show your pearly whites when you’re starting a conversation or chatting with a guy you like. Keep it subtle, though. Laugh at his jokes, give him a smile from time to time while looking into his eyes, and let that playful sparkle in your eyes shine through. Your happiness will be evident, and everyone enjoys being around someone who’s cheerful and fun.

Make Physical Contact

Guys have always liked it when a woman gives them a gentle touch. Men tend to flirt more and become more interested in girls who touch them while talking. Sometimes, touch his forearm or put your hand on his shoulder when you’re talking to him. If you do this, you’ll notice that he quickly becomes more interested in you.

Be Coy And Graceful

Women have always liked gentlemen, and men have always been attracted to women who are graceful and charming. However, there’s a difference between being demure and elegant and just being very shy. Find a balance that suits you. Use your charm on him. Look into his eyes when you talk to him. Don’t feel too shy or uncomfortable about your own unique qualities. Be confident in who you are, and he’ll find your confidence and grace very attractive. Just make sure that being coy and graceful matches your true self. You don’t want to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Don’t Be Rude Or Mean

We all use strong words sometimes; nobody’s perfect. Using such words every now and then is okay – we all need to let out some frustration. But as a rule, try not to use bad language too much. It can make you seem like someone who doesn’t think about how others feel. Also, don’t gossip about others or speak unkindly about them. If you’re constantly complaining or unkind to others, it might make you appear impolite.

Seek His Protection

It’s nice to make him feel special. Let him help you sometimes, and he’ll like being your protector. For example, hold his hand when crossing the street or ask if he can help carry something heavy. Show that you appreciate his support, and he’ll want to be with you more often.

Be Mysterious

Guys might find mysterious girls a little puzzling, but they also tend to fall for them. During the dating phase, keeping some things secret can make the guy more interested in what you say and do. You don’t need to share every emotion with him. If you’re feeling a certain way or he asks about something, you can just say it’s nothing. Don’t reveal everything that’s on your mind, or you might become boring to him. But be careful not to do this if he’s your boyfriend, as he might think you’re cheating!

Be Nice And Polite

Everyone wants to be with someone who is warm, kind, and caring in life. If you want to win someone’s heart, remember this. Be good-natured, nice, and polite. Be courteous and sweet not only to him but to everyone around you. Trying to pretend to be polite when you’re with him can be hard and not very believable. Instead, aim to be a genuinely gracious person – not just to impress him but also to have a happier life for yourself.

Appreciate Him

Getting recognized for your efforts feels nice, right? Usually, when someone is nice to us, we might not fully appreciate it. Pay attention to the small things he does for you. Don’t hesitate to give compliments. Letting him know that you see and appreciate his efforts will make him feel more drawn to you.

Be Naughty And Mischievous

There’s something appealing about a girl who’s a bit shy and playful at the same time. It’s fun to have some laughs and jokes occasionally. Playfully tease him, share a few jokes, or give him a gentle nudge on the shoulder, or even do all of these. While guys appreciate girls who are sweet and cute, it can become dull after a while. If you genuinely have a mischievous side, show it! This can make him think about having a relationship with you as something fun and exciting.

Play Hard To Get

We’ve all heard this advice before, right? The idea is that people enjoy a good challenge. It’s a common piece of dating advice that says if you’re too easy to get, he might not stay interested. It’s all about finding a balance. Be friendly and approachable, but also keep him interested. Speak to him kindly, but make sure he doesn’t start taking you for granted.


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