How to Be Romantic in a Relationship

In times when we’re mostly wearing sweatpants and working from home, and often right next to our partner, we could use some romance. Even before the quarantine of 2020, relationships can start to feel predictable, and it might seem like the exciting honeymoon phase is a distant memory that won’t come back.

Pay attention if you’re eager to rekindle romance and excitement in your relationship. The experts have shared nine ways to be romantic in a relationship.

Talk It Out

Talking endlessly about problems can take the romance out of a relationship. However, if you and your partner are facing difficulties, having an open conversation about what you miss and how you feel can help reignite desire. Dr. Orbuch recommends discussing your romantic expectations and actively listening to each other’s wants and needs. She emphasizes that couples should realize they have the ability to bring back romance, passion, and excitement into their relationship.

Start Small

It’s vital to cherish the little moments in your relationship. If kissing each other in the morning and evening is special to you, keep it alive even if you’ve stopped. Dedicate some screen-free time to express gratitude or share what you admire about each other. Surprise your partner with a flirty text or an unexpected call, or leave a sweet or sensual note. Winter emphasizes that appreciation and recognition are the main ingredients in keeping couples happy. These seemingly small acts can greatly boost romance and strengthen your connection, all without needing to plan a fancy trip to a far-off destination.

Learn Your Love Languages

Love languages are like the special ways we show love and feel loved. If you don’t know your partner’s love language, it’s a good idea to talk about it. Find out if they feel most loved when you say nice things, touch them, give them gifts, do helpful things for them, or spend quality time together. This knowledge can make your romantic efforts more effective. Also, understand how your partner shows love, which might differ from how they like receiving it. This can help you notice when they’re trying to connect with you.


Recalling those special, loving, or sweet moments from your past together. Maybe dig out an old Valentine’s Day card that your partner gave you, or go through photos from your honeymoon or other trips you took together. Reflecting on these romantic memories can help you feel closer and break away from your usual routine (especially if you’ve been stuck in comfy clothes at home).

Recreate Romantic Moments

To simplify it, try to relive those romantic moments instead of just thinking about them. For example, go back to the spot where you first met or recreate your first date. Doing this can bring back the magical and romantic feelings you had at the beginning of your relationship. It might even trigger a rush of happy memories, bringing more romance into your life.

Prioritize Your Partner

As time passes, getting caught up in work, taking care of kids, and dealing with everyday stress is common. However, it’s important to make your partner a priority. When your partner comes home from work and the kids are being noisy or demanding, it’s perfectly okay to go to your partner first and show them love. This isn’t selfish; it’s actually crucial. As Overstreet puts it, “Your relationship is like the foundation of everything. If your kids are watching, it’s healthy for them to see their parents connecting.” It will also remind both you and your partner that there’s still romance in your relationship, even amidst the chaos.

Stay True to Yourself

Rekindling romance isn’t just about doing things for your partner, even though that’s important. It’s also about focusing on yourself and your interests. It’s possible to forget about your passions in a relationship, but keeping them alive is important. This helps create a sense of mystery, makes you feel good, and brings positive energy back into your relationship, according to Overstreet.

Work on Yourself

Similarly, taking time for yourself and loving yourself in a relationship is important. Your relationship can only be as strong as you are as an individual. So, working on your personal growth and development can make your love even stronger. Whether it’s healing from within, seeking therapy, learning new things, changing your mindset, or improving your physical health, feeling confident and great about yourself will make you more inclined to embrace romance in your relationship.

Create a Relationship Bucket List

To add some excitement, sit down and make a list of things you want to do together in the coming year. It could be anything like skydiving, going on a road trip, learning to surf, watching a TV show, or starting a garden. These should be activities you both dream of trying as a couple. Even the process of creating this list can be romantic, fun, and intimate. It helps you understand each other’s desires and brings you closer, whether you actually do all the things on the list or not.


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